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Mov, AVI, MP4 ...: which video format to choose?

Videos are more and more present on the Internet. According to Syndacast, 74% of internet traffic in 2017 was for this format.

For your referencing, as for your communication, you have every interest to use videos. But it is not enough to turn them, or even to mount them: it is still necessary to choose in what format they will be broadcast.

Not all coding protocols have the same benefits.

What is the format of a video?

Any video, is recorded, as any digital file. The video format is divided into two parts, which allows you to encode the sound and the image and synchronize them.

The main existing video formats are:



> MP4



These are the letters you will see at the end of your file name. Each of these formats has its specificities.

What is the MOV video format?

Apple has developed the MOV format, which is used by its video player software, QuickTime Player.

It is now compatible for both Mac and PC, and works on iOS smartphones.

It allows you to easily encode sound, image, effects, subtitles, etc., and is relatively simple to edit, which has made it popular.

What is the AVI video format?

AVI is one of the oldest video for