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30 Material design resources

Are you looking for material design resources? Discover our selection of frameworks, templates and many other very useful resources.

Material design: what is it?

Material design a new type of web design invented by Google which aims to be accessible to all, intuitive, interactive and effective whatever the medium. For this, the material design sets different guidelines to respect: thus, the choice of colors or writing fonts is particularly important (especially for readability), as well as space management or use of movement.

After making its debut on Android and on Google's own sites, material design is attracting more and more developers and web-designers. This is great, many resources are available today to help them build a beautiful website respecting the rules of material design. offers you a selection of the best of them.

SUMMARY - Material design frameworks - Material design templates - UI kits material design - Material design icons - Material design backgrounds

- Material design frameworks

Discover a selection of frameworks that will allow you to develop your web applications in accordance with material design. There are two main types: front ends based on HTML / CSS and others that use JavaScript.

Framework Front-end:  Material Design Lite

Official Google framework, Material Design Lite gives you the assurance of being up to date with the latest standards in web visual language. Ergonomic and easy to use.

Framework Front-end : Angular Material

Supported by Google, Angular is another highly valued and provided framework.

Framework Front-end : Materialize

One of the main advantages of Materialize is that it works very similar to Bootstrap (especially when using CSS classes), making it one of the most popular.

Framework Front-end : LumX

LumX contains many CSS and JavaScript components as well as a wide range of tools for developing responsive web applications.

Framework Javascript : Material UI

Combining the best of React and material design, Material UI is a benchmark Javascript framework.

Framework Javascript : Essence

Essence allows developers to build very fast and pleasant interfaces taking into account the Material Design specifications.

- Material design templates

Do you want to save time? These templates can help you get an aesthetic and material-friendly site much more easily.

A series of thematic templates (blog, dashboard, portfolio, etc.) offered by Google as part of the MDL framework.

Also based on Material Design Lite, this template will allow you to create a blog with a very slick design.

On WordPress too, material design is a reality. This WP premium theme is one of the references of its kind.

Another material design theme for WordPress, free this time.

A paid but very complete template based on Angular. It is especially designed for the administration of a site.

A complete template (header, call-to-action, icons…) from the Materialize framework.

This theme thought out for the administration notably makes it possible to obtain a very beautiful material design dashboard.

One Page Template (Free)

One Page Template is another Materialize-based template with a nice, clean design.

- UI kits material design

These UI Kits will be very useful for you to create aesthetic user interfaces adapted to material design. We offer a selection of UI Kits for Photoshop, Sketch and even both.

UI Kit PSD: Cisco Material App UI (Paid)

Although paying, Cisco offers no less than 30 very attractive screens. However, a demo version with 10 screens can be downloaded for free.

UI Kit PSD: Free Material Design Kit (Free)

Complete, free and simple: perfect for designing any type of application.

UI Kit Sketch: Android MD Kit (Free)

A complete UI Kit for Sketch that offers a wide variety of interface elements.

UI Kit Sketch: Banktag (Free)

BankTag is a beautiful UI Kit designed primarily for mobile finance applications.

UI Kit multisupports: Material UI Kit (Free)

With its lively and energetic appearance, this UI Kit is suitable for creating an entertainment app.

UI Kit multisupports: Do App UI Kit (Free)

With 130 screens, 10 pre-designed themes and more than 250 components, it is a very rich and complete UI Kit. The icing on the cake: it's completely free.

- Material design icons

With these icon packs made for material design, customize your site as you wish.

The icon library for Google’s official material design: a complete package with a fairly sober style.

A catalog of over 4000 material design icons with a large choice of colors.

A collection of original and colorful icons.

System icons (Free)

A pack of blue and sleek icons.

A pack of original icons around the theme of weather and location.

- Material design backgrounds

Discover our selection of material design backgrounds in various styles to customize your site or application.

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