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How to choose the best size for your logo?

Your logo has to be displayed on different media: on your website, your social networks, your email signature, your business brochure, your business card, etc.

All of these media have a different size, and this is something to consider when creating your logo. To keep it legible and recognizable wherever it is displayed, you must give it an appropriate size.

So it is important to understand how your logo will appear on the "Web and Print" to choose the right dimensions.

A legible logo, whatever its size

Because your logo has to be distributed in many places, it is essential that it remains legible with a good quality at all times.

Small size on mobile applications for example, the details will have to be visible. Conversely, a larger size on a t-shirt, your logo should not be pixelated.

The best way to keep your logo clean on all of these media is to create an easy-to-resize visual, this means:

A logo that doesn't contain too much detail: The details do not come out well when the size is reduced. For example, a logo that contains too many fine lines will become compact, giving a messy effect.

A logo that has semi-uniform shapes: your logo does not have to be perfectly round or square, but many social networks have a pre-defined profile photo format: round on Instagram for example, square for Linkedin pages, etc.

A logo under than 200KB: the smaller your logo, the easier will be to resize it.

Different designs depending on the size.

One of the easiest ways to keep an attractive logo, regardless of size, is to create multiple versions. Obviously each design of your logo will have to be similar to represent only one and same brand: yours.

Good to know

A professional graphic designer is able to create different versions of your logo while keeping the same aesthetic.

In most cases, two designs are enough.

The first will be for media that can accommodate a large logo, for example the home page of your website. Here, your logo may contain some details.