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Animal Symbol: what does the Fox mean in a logo?

Since the Middle Ages, the fox has accumulated different images, more or less positive according to the times and cultures.

Even though the brand that was most symbolized by this animal is squeezing it out of its logo, it's time to look into this hairy quadruped.

What message does a fox send in a logo?

Since The Roman de Renart fable, impossible to forget: the fox is an intelligent and cunning animal. Sometimes too much: he would not hesitate to use deceit, to manipulate people ...

Among the Scandinavians, he would even be associated with Loki, god changing and deceptive if any. In short, his behavior would succeed, but would not always be well seen by those around him. At least, in Europe.

Indeed, this vision a little critical of the animal is not shared by all cultures: on the other side of the Atlantic, he is an avenging hero (the famous Zorro).

As for Japanese kitsune, if they also master the art of metamorphosis, their ambivalence is questionable: they can just as well be benevolent as malicious.

This positioning probably explains why, for a long time, the fox was not used too much in the Brands logos in our countries. A decision that is changing.

Would the fox become popular?

For some time, the fox has become more and more present, whether in textile graphics or in decorative objects.

Its orange color conveys a certain dynamism, an energy that is very easy to make cute by accentuating the natural smile of the animal.

Does seeing it appear on washable diapers or children's backpacks mean that it has to be included in a logo? In some cases, it is the choice that some companies make.

In Angers, the regional branch of the French Tech (whose logo is a rooster) has opted for a fox, it even declined in different poles: FoxInTheCity, FarmFox, DoctorFox and RoboFox.

The highly stylized appearance of the fox thus serves their many purposes, while transmitting an idea of a researcher's head.

La brasserie du renard ("Fox brewery", a French company) pushes the game until baptize some of their