Create a Rainy Scene Animation Using Default After Effects Plugins

Step 25

Go back to the Rainy Day Composition and drag and drop the Text Composition

Put it on the top and change the Blending mode to Overlay.

Layer order

Step 26

Go to Layer > New > Adjustment layer and apply it. Name it Lightning

Layer > New > Adjustment layer

Step 27

Go to Effect > Color Correction > Exposure and apply it. Animate the Exposure.

Go to the first frame and click on the stopwatch. Move forward a few frames and then change the Exposure to 3,00

Move forward a few frames and change the Exposure to 0. Repeat this process a couple of times to get a nice lightning animation.

Effect > Color Correction > Exposure

Step 28

Go to Layer > New > Adjustment layer and apply it. Name it CC

Layer > New > Adjustment layer

Step 29

Move the Lightning adjustment layer to the top and put the CC Adjustment Layer under it. It needs a little color correction. 

Use the Mega Cinematic Color Presets Pack with the CCP_Green Goblin preset on the CC Adjustment Layer

It needs some adjustments, so increase the Blue Gamma to 2,00 under the Color Properties and the Tint amount to 87%

Color correction

Add color grading preset


There are many powerful default plugins in After Effects. In this tutorial, I showed you how to create a rain effect with CC Particle World. 

I also described how to create organic edges with Roughen Edges and how to create water drops with CC Drizzle. I showed you how to use Auto Trace and the Linear Wipe plugin to create a stylish text animation.


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