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Unable to marry, this couple recreates their engagement on Animal Crossing

Here's the latest little viral story on Facebook that video game enthusiasts will enjoy. Unable to marry because of the Covid-19, an American couple had the charming idea of recreating their engagement in the game Animal Crossing. And you will see that everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail.

For those who do not know, Animal Crossing is a series of successful video games developed by Nintendo and whose latest edition called “New Horizons” was released in March 2020. The principle of the game is quite simple: you play as a villager and interact with other players to complete small missions.

A game that the success become even greater with the confinement and which gave ideas to Arabella Villanueva and her companion Sam Redus to reproduce their engagement on it. Thus, they simply recreated the photos of their engagement taken a few months earlier by their friend and photographer Patrick Michelle, respecting as faithfully as possible the original staging.

The couple made the choice to virtually reproduce their original clothes by asking the tailor Able Sisters in Animal Crossing and looked for places that graphically correspond to the locations of their photographs. The result is obviously cute and had a very good virality on Facebook: in a few days, Arabella's post (above) was shared by more than 10,000 people.

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