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Trendy colors of 2020

What would web design or colorless graphics be? Light or dark, soft or shiny, happy or sad ... There are such a variety of shades that it can be difficult to choose one!

So, to help you create designs that are in tune with the times, we have compiled for you some major trends that should turn the world of colors upside down in 2020. Brush up on your brush!

Soothing colors inspired by nature

As technology takes an increasingly important place in our lives, the return to nature is becoming a real trend in the years to come. It translates into a need to escape, for a few moments, from a world where everything is going too fast.

And this search for calm and tranquility also involves colors. For example, the attraction for green and blue hues illustrates this desire to get closer to nature. Plants, trees, the sea, the sky ... These are all synonymous with serenity.

Monochrome color palettes

The use of monochrome palettes, using several shades of the same color, is also part of balance and harmony search. And there is no question of being stagning with black and white or gray shades!

More vivid colors, more variations, more contrast… All this while preserving the feeling of balance and unity that emerges from a monochrome design. That’s all at stake in this trend, which acts as a compromise between the sobriety of black and white and the eccentricity of “too” colorful designs.

Translucent colors

In recent years, pastel colors have experienced a real gain in popularity. Appreciated for their softness and lightness, they are now evolving towards increasingly translucent shades. The superimposition of colors with a transparency effect is today a growing trend.

This approach offers designs that are light, subtle and intriguing. The translucent colors allow you to create surprising effects, rich in nuances. They are particularly suitable for creating posters, book covers or album covers.

Bright and contrasting colors

As we have seen, in 2020, neutral, even translucent colors are on the rise, as are monochrome palettes. And yet, using “eye-catching” colors is a good way to make everyone look wrong. Or, even better: combine colors that are traditionally considered to be incompatible.

Bright red and light pink, pale blue and neon pink ... Daring combinations, but which allow you to create an original and whimsical aesthetic. However, be sure to add at least one neutral color to soften everything.

Dark colors

For some time, the dark mode (“dark mode” in English) is more and more popular, in particular on smartphone. It allows, roughly speaking, to display sites or applications on a black background (instead of the traditional white background). A dark environment, less tiring for the eyes, but also less energy-consuming!

The next step ? Intentionally create darker designs. Because, in addition to visual comfort and the ecological aspect, dark mode has many advantages. A dark background notably makes it possible to bring out the other elements, but also to create a significant contrast with the other colors. All this without being too aggressive for the eye!

Color of the year 2020

Like every year, the Pantone company has revealed its color of the year 2020. Entitled "Classic Blue", it is a timeless shade of blue, elegant and relaxing, evoking the sky at dusk. This is in line with the first trend mentioned in this article: the return to calm and Nature.

Blue is one of the most used colors on the web (and in the design world in general). In 2020, it remains perfectly current! Synonymous with intelligence, trust and integrity, it always seems to be in tune with the times.

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