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This Japanese artist turns the misadventures of (Tom and Jerry) into funny sculptures

The time flies! Tom and Jerry, the main protagonists of the emblematic Animation of cartoons lovers, are celebrating their 78th birthday this year.

If you haven't had the chance to grow up discovering the adventures of the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry, we will give you a little catch-up session in a few lines.

In the pure line of Animation-style cartoons, Tom and Jerry recounts the adventures of a cat and a mouse who spend their time bickering. But very often, it’s Jerry, the little mouse that almost always wins, when Tom very often ends up falling or being crushed.

These mishaps that happen to Tom obviously inspired the Japanese artist Taku Inoue who had the idea of ​​making sculptures. He had fun reproducing physically the absolutely unlikely shapes that Tom takes when he is run over or abused by Jerry.

Anyway, those who grew up with Tom and Jerry will undoubtedly appreciate the different winks that highlight poor Tom's bad luck, which we all finally got fond of. We let you discover below his different sculptures which pay homage to the cartoon imagined by the directors William Hanna and Joseph Barbera… in 1940. Sadelly, all those early days are behind us, and all that does not rejuvenate us.

Credit to: Taku Inoue

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