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Text creation and animation

Learn the basics of creating and animating text layers.

1- Adding text in a compositions Add text to a composition

You now know how to add text layers to a composition. - To insert text, select the Text tool in the Tools panel, click in the Composition panel, and enter your text. Use the Selection tool to define the text layer.

Choose the font, color, type of justification, etc. in the Character and Paragraph panels.

- Preview the fonts by clicking a text layer in the timeline, and then scroll through the items in the Font Family drop-down list in the Character panel.

- Text layers are generated in After Effects. They have their own parameters, in addition to the normal transformation properties associated with each layer.

2- Create an effective animation using predefined texts Apply and edit predefined text animations.

You now know how to apply predefined texts. - Look for predefined text in the Effects and Presets panel.

- Browse predefined animations using Adobe Bridge CC.

- Drag a preset from the Effects and Presets panel directly to a text layer to apply it. The first keyframe of the predefined parameter will be inserted at the location of the current time frame.

- Drag the keyframes to change the timing of the animation. Stretch or flatten multiple keyframes by holding down the Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS) key and dragging the first or last keyframe with all selected ones.

3- letter by letter Text animation Create an animation by character.

Now you know how to animate text letter by letter. - In the Timeline panel, open the layer settings by clicking the triangle to the left of its number. In addition to the normal transformation options for each, text layers have a specific set of parameters.

- To the right of the text layer settings (Text), locate the Animate option. Click on the triangle to the right of this option and choose a parameter to animate. Once your setting is chosen, an animation is applied to the text.

- Scroll through the different settings of the Range Selector option to get previews. Animate the text by adding keyframes to different parameters of the range selector.

- To delete a parameter, range selector, or animation that has been applied, click directly on the labels in the timeline and press the Delete key. 4- Highlighting a text using graphic elements Bring out the text from its background using shape layers.

Now you know how to create and animate a shape layer. - Make sure no layers are selected in the Timeline panel and choose a shape tool in the Tools panel. Long-click on one of the shape tools to display the full range of tools available. In the Tools panel, set the background and outline colors of the chosen shape. In the Composition panel, add a shape layer to the composition by dragging and dropping.

- Drag the shape layer vertically between the objects in the composition to place it where you want it.

- In addition to the normal transformation options for each, shape layers have - like text layers - a specific set of parameters.

- Any property displaying a stopwatch can record keyframes for animation purposes.

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