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Save time in managing creative projects with Nutcache

If you are a creative, you know that your job requires organization and planning.

Yet communication between the different members of a creative project is often chaotic ...

Let's see how to organize efficiently to answer all the problems of your company: management of the collaborators, deadlines, tasks, management of your invoicing ...

We tested for you the Nutcache solution. This all-in-one tool enables intelligent and comprehensive project management.

1. Communicate effectively with your teams

When managing creative projects, it is very important to consider inter-team communication. It is the key to success that will help you achieve your goals.

By planning your projects in common tables, you can manage the progress of your teams at a glance.

Use collaborative tables

With Nutcache you can choose different tables from several predefined intuitive templates:

> for brainstorming projects

> for website & design management

> provide editorial planning ....

These models of tables are adapted to each project by favoring a clear and airy design to better visualize the tasks.

Gather and share your ideas

Nutcache makes team collaboration easy, whether you're in the same office or across the globe!

The goal? Save time !

> To avoid replying to e-mails or attending long meetings, do not hesitate to centralize the discussions of your projects directly on the "cards" of tasks.

> Comments and documents are archived in chronological order and your employees receive notifications through real-time @mentions.

To facilitate exchanges with your customers, you can even invite them as invited members and thus discuss the progress of the projects.

Did you know ?

The customer can then add his feedback allowing the creative team to receive more details on the achievements to be made.

The documents are linked to their projects or their associated tasks, so that your entire team knows how to navigate.

Assign and schedule tasks

You can also choose to use Nutcache's flagship tool: the Task Scheduler.

> The planner makes it possible to see all the projects that lead the members of your team.

> You can choose to assign or prioritize new assignments, whether they are already scheduled or not.

2. Measure your performance on projects

It is important to see and estimate how your team is going according to your expectations. But even more, to value their progress!

Analyze the progress of your projects

On Nutcache, it's easy to generate reports, and see how many projects have been completed in a month, or how long did your team spend on customer feedback?

The ability to answer these kinds of questions demonstrates the value of your team to stakeholders.

To find out how your employees' workload is, it's important to visualize project progress using performance indicators and budget consumption reports.

Tracking time worked with visual indicators

As a creative, why not count every minute of your work day by starting a stopwatch on a task?

Having in mind a clear vision of the billable time of each task will allow you, over time, to increase your performance! You will be able to charge your customers accordingly.

Overall, it is relevant to track the time worked by its collaborators on each part of the project to better allocate resources.

3. More time wasted in your billing