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Infographic: how to take the perfect selfie?

The selfie never ceases to reinvent itself.

In 2019, the followers of these photos have happily forgotten (or almost) the duck faces that were cancaner on the canvas. Especially that there are many other techniques to show off via your smartphone.

Here are some tips with an infographic to get selfies that you will be proud to record and share.

Take the right angle

No one will be at their best when they are photographed against the sky. To take a selfie, prefer to put your device in height.

And very high: some advise placing the bottom of the smartphone at eye level to avoid double chins (and make you look slimmer).

Do not force yourself to look directly towards the lens: turn very slightly to the side.

You will look more natural (despite all the time you have spent finding the ideal pose and the perfect angle for your shot) 😉

Adapt to your physique

Everyone can be beautiful on a selfie. But not all face shapes have the same techniques to achieve this.

People with a round face should stick their tongue to their palate to emphasize the lines of their frame

People with square faces will turn their heads a little more than others to draw attention to their cheekbones.

The elongated faces will seem less stretched if the hair is placed behind the ears (they will break the effect of long hair that draw lines unsightly in this case).

Anyone with a heart-shaped face (with a much sharper chin than the forehead) will be able to counteract this effect by raising their eyebrows slightly.

Find the right light

Brightness is an essential component of any photograph. If possible, avoid the flash and prefer a natural light.

If possible, take your pictures at times surrounding sunrises and sunsets, when the light impact is milder.

Indoors, stand near the windows. You can also hold a sheet of white paper under your face to illuminate it (which has the side effect of reducing the impact of the double-chin).

Good to know

Also be aware of the shadows that will accentuate your dark circles: it is sometimes better to stand directly in front of the sun to avoid them.


A smile will immediately make any selfie more enjoyable to watch. Beware, however, of forced smiles, which look more like grimaces.

To avoid them, several options:

> train in front of the mirror until you find the perfect smile;

> think about what makes you really smile;

close your eyes just before taking the picture, to get a fresh look and > even more convinced of what it transmits.

A little bit of editing?

In magazines, photos of stars are retouched via Photoshop.

There are several applications that will allow you to get such amazing results on your smarphone: Facetune, Snapseed or Perfect365.

Good to know

Be careful however to proceed with gentleness: reduce your dark circles, soften the grain of your skin, hide an unsightly button ... why not.

But it is not worth going further, otherwise your selfie will not look more like you. Worse, you will lose what makes you different and part of your humanity.

Add Filters

To edit a selfie without reworking the whole picture, do not hesitate to use filters. Everyone has their favorites: for self-portraits, focus on those that increase heat, exposure and contrast.

You can test the most popular filters on Instagram, or look for those available on VSCO or Retrica.

The original infographic

And, in any case, do not hesitate to take many, many photos. This is the key to finding the perfect image to share. You're worth it !

Remember to hire a professional photographer for your portraits or corporate photos!

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