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Email marketing, no doubt, is the most effective marketing strategy so far, of course combined with the mix of what works for you. With new technologies emerging every day, email marketing has become easy and fun. CRM and email campaign software are very popular these days and are getting perfected with each new product coming in to play.

However, the mere use of these types of software is not enough, content is very important along with timing. There are many secrets and many interesting points you need to consider when creating your email marketing strategy.

So what are the key factors to successful email marketing campaign?

We have gathered 18 experts on the matter and asked them one simple yet complex question:

What is the key to successful email marketing campaign?

Learn from the best to see what in the opinion of the gurus of the field works and what not. Always remember though, use but never duplicate! :)

Adjust any idea or any strategy or any factor you read, hear or see being brought to live to your specific product and your specific case.

Without further due here are the key factors according to email marketing experts.

1. Relevance is the key to a successful email marketing campaign. Most marketers can achieve better relevance using segmentation and smart personalization.

Joanna Wiebe, Copyhackers.

2. There are many keys to a successful email marketing campaign, but one of the big ones that many marketers neglect when crafting their email copy is to make the language about them, not about you.

As humans, we're naturally focused on ourselves -- our own needs, interests, and goals (especially when we have a metric we're trying to hit with this email send!) -- but the way you frame your email will make all the difference.

For example, how easy would it be to write:

"We just launched our brand new product, and we're so excited for you to try it out!"

But if you look again, you'll notice 3 company-focused pronouns and only 1 reader-focused pronoun. Even though this sentence sounds like it's about the reader, it's really more about you, the marketer.

Start thinking about how to craft your email copy to truly make it about the reader, and you should see your click-through and conversion rates start to increase.

- Sarah Goliger, Sarah Goliger Marketing and Business Consulting.

3. If I had to only pick one, though, I would probably say understanding your audience and creating a personal email that resonates with them is key.

People get a lot of emails, in many cases over 50-100 emails a day. Standing out in that kind of noise is tough and so you need to really understand your audience and know what is going to get their attention and be of interest to them.

People are pretty smart when it comes to generic blast type campaigns with marketing speak. They have no problem tuning those out and quickly moving on to the next email.

Treat your emails as an ongoing conversation and build relationships by providing value and personalizing to their needs—as opposed to your own.

Once you do this well, you will create more engaged subscribers that trust and value your emails.

And once you start personalizing with content that speaks directly to them (instead of to your entire audience) that’s when you’ll see increases in your conversion rates.

As I mentioned, there are many variables that go into a successful campaign and this is just one of them. There is no silver bullet to emails. You need to do lots of testing to find the magic recipe and learn what works for your audience—since what works for you may not work for me and vice-versa. - Sean Kennedy, Zapier.