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The beginning and the end – an introduction and conclusion to anything in this world are crucial, as they build a strong statement in the beginning and well thought base at the end. In case of videos, they build an association with your brand and force your audience to remember you.

While some people bet intro/outro are not necessary part of video production, we remain on our opinion - for making a professional video, an intro and outro are vital. It is one of the best ways to drag your audience, making them to associate the video with you, your product/company/service and more important - to keep you in mind. Intro and outro does not have to be complicated and mixed up. An uncertain start and an abrupt ending have never been popular. They should be properly planned and designed, so all your hard work won't be in vain.

All this sounds a little bit tricky, right? But believe, that's no rocket science here. So what is intro and outro for video?

Video's intros are the visuals at the very beginning of your entire video, while outros are those, which appear in the end. Intros and outros commonly used for webcasts, podcasts, videos, presentations and live shows. Research showed that back in 2000 the attention span of adults was around 12 seconds. The number has decreased to 8 seconds, today. This means that you have only 7-seconds to make an impression, to create a bond with your audience – making them watch the whole thing. This is a challenge, but the result is worth it. Nowadays you don’t need to hire a specialist to create a video for you. Everything is at hand, and it's mainly free. No matter what tool you’re using, this points are vital to make your intro/outro engaging. Let’s now see important steps for making intro/outro for video.


Of course, you can always choose a mono color background, display your logo and texts. However, present audience is very spoiled and they want more effective visuals, than just a monocolor background. You can easely find a verious websites that provide backgrounds. Some provide images or sounds for free, some offer paid subscription.

Music and Sounds

With your background chosen, it’s time to choose a music and sounds needed. As in case of backgrounds, there are websites that provide music and sound effects. You can find here a proper music/sound effects for your intro/outro.

We told you, it’s easy: Create your Intro/Outro

Sure you can easily use a video editor, such as Windows Live Movie Maker. It is easy to use and it comes with the installation of Windows.

But before diving into Windows Live Movie Maker, we advise you to use Motion Graphics Templates to make your intro/outro experience fabulous.

It is also a YouTube outro maker.

Whether used for commercial purposes, or simply for making a fun family video, our Intro Maket videos will help you with unforgettable intros of any type of content. Dozens of different animations are available to suit any video. All you need to do is to take your own logo, or any other image/text, send it to, and allow Us to do the rest.

From retro or vintage to social promotion and abstract logo intros – Motion Graphics Intro Maket videos’s provides a variety of different animations to choose from, depending on video category, expected audience and so on. It is one of our widest template categories. Our platform gives a huge opportunity to individuals who are eager to experiment with various animations. There are several different animations to choose from, including simple ones such as Simple Logo Reveal and Shattering Logo Animation, to more complex ones such as Abstract Universe. These intro templates are ideal for Renderforest newcomers, who haven’t had the chance to explore all of the categories just yet.

See, it wasn’t that hard right? And the result is quite good: Simple and engaging. Now, it’s your turn! Create an awesome intros and outros for your videos!

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